Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you provide?

We provide lawn, snow, and trailer services. We have listed the most common groundskeeping tasks and most requested services under our Prices and Payment menu. We believe that our prices are very competitive and provide great value to our customers.  If you have a need for a service that is not listed, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we will do our best to help.

On occasion we will accept jobs outside of our core services that are within our skill set to perform.

We will discuss your needs and provide a quote tailored to the work that you need completed.


What areas do you provide lawn care service to?

Powassan and nearby surrounding area.

We provide aerating, hydroseeding, stump grinding, rototilling, rough cut mowing (trails/fields), large property leaf clean up, and other groundskeeping services to neighbouring communities from Sundridge to Callander.

Why become a seasonal lawn care customer?  

Seasonal service offers convenience and peace of mind.  Our seasonal customers enjoy weekly service from May to October.  Our schedule is consistent, your lawn will always be well kept and look great, and we provide service to your property on the same day each week.  We also offer a 10% discount to our seasonal rate customers!

Do you bag and remove grass clippings?

Yes….for push-mower jobs we do. While we believe that it is great for your lawn to be mulched, which returns the very small clippings to your lawn to help with its overall health, we understand that most customers prefer that grass be bagged when cut, which leaves a very clean look behind.

What height do you cut the grass at?

We cut at 3-3.5 inches.  We find that cutting at this height has been best for lawns in our area.  It allows the grass to hold up great through the warm summer weather and lets less heat and sun through to the soil, which can help to minimize any base level weed growth.  

Do you recommend lawn aeration?

We feel that lawn aeration definitely has a place in overall lawn maintenance, but each lawn is different and some well established lawns have great soil and do not require aeration. We may recommend aeration for lawns where there is compacted sand and clay, or significant thatch build-up.  We offer lawn aeration in the Fall.  

Do you recommend over-seeding and fertilizers?

Over-seeding in the Fall, when grass grows best in the cool weather, and a conservative application of fertilizer can help contribute to having a full, rich looking, and weed-reduced lawn.  Regular watering is recommended following any seed/fertilizer application to ensure proper growth and benefit of the products.  Some lawns may benefit more from this service than others.  We will work with you to determine whether or not your lawn would benefit from this service.

Do you provide Garden Care services?

We like to think that we have green thumbs as far as lawns go….but generally our garden services are limited to delivery of garden related products and rototilling of in-ground gardens.  Depending on your needs, we may be able to help, or we may refer you to a business associate who can best help you to meet your vegetable or flower gardening goals.

Can you trim hedges and trees?

Absolutely. We will discuss what work you would like done and provide you a quote tailored to your specific needs.

Do you offer a Weed Control service?

Unfortunately, no, we do not offer a Weed Control service for Lawns.  

We do work with customers to control weeds on walkways, patio areas, etc, using commercially available herbicide-free products.

Can you rototill beach areas?

We can, so long as we can access it!

How big of an area can you hydroseed?

1300sq ft per mixed load, accessible within our 150ft hose length.

Can you help clear our overgrown property?

We have a rough-cut mower (similar to a brush-hog) to cut overgrown fields and trails.


How does your snow service work?

We use a benchmark of 2 inches of accumulation to begin our service route.  We pay close attention to the forecast to start our route in locations of heaviest snowfall.

Our first priority is to make sure that everyone can get in and out of their driveways.

For those with gravel driveways, we will work to pack a thin base layer during the initial snowfalls.

We feel that communication is very important and we work hard to keep our customers updated along the way. 

Do you cover the same area for snow services as you do for lawn care?

It is important to us to ensure that we only take on as many snow customers as we can manage well.  Given the nature and unpredictability of the winter weather, we have limited our snow removal services to the Powassan area. 

What equipment do you use for clearing snow?

We use snowblowers and shovels to clear snow. Our snowblowers are equipped with edge guards to ensure that your driveway surface is protected. We believe that snowblowers leave the cleanest look and best overall result when clearing snow.

Do we need to move our vehicles?  

No, it’s not necessary.  It is helpful though if you park in an area that allows us to work around your vehicles with snowblowers which will help to keep any build up from brushing your car off to a minimum.

Do you generally wait until it stops snowing to start your route?

Generally yes.  If snowfall amounts are significant, we may start our route earlier and will begin with areas of heaviest snowfall and where plows have already passed.

Do you offer any special rates or discounts?

We offer a 10% discount for seasonal Lawn and Snow customers. 

We have offered preferred rates as well to some seasonal customers who have requested a full-service package as a tailored program for their lawn.  

On occasion, we will also advertise special events or service deals on our website and Facebook page.